Best Marriage Advice

Relationships are the most important part of our lives. A marriage defines probably the most important relationship of one’s life (except the one with one’s self).

There are tons of good content out there on how to lead a successful relationship with a partner. Some of my favorites on this topic include the following:

Yet, sometimes the best advice comes from those who failed at the subject. 

In Tambourine, a one-hour stand-up comedy (available on Netflix), Chris Rock talks candidly  about the factors that led to the demise of his marriage as well as what to do and what not to if you want a successful marriage.

From minute 34 to the end, Chris Rock delivers the best marriage advice that I have encountered anywhere.

My single most important take away: When you are married, you are there to Serve. Period. Not to compete, not to satisfy your ego, but to Serve. To serve your spouse and your family. Remember that and you will have a happy marriage.

In Tamborine, Chris Rock talks about many things but the marriage advice section is the best in my opinion.

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