Yuval Noah Harari

I find Yuval Noah Harari to be one of the most impressive philosophers / historians / anthropologists of our time. 

I heard other intellectuals put down his works arguing that he does not introduce anything new to the realm of social sciences.

What makes Harari special for me is the way he conveys and packages those facts and ideas in a easily digestible format and story. That is his magic.

His views shape my world view in a significant way. And I agree with most of what he says.

His Books:
– Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind
– Home Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow
– 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

1) This TED dialogue: Nationalism vs Globalism – the new political divide  is a great summary of the ideas from his books.
2) And his recent talk at WEF Davos is eye opening, scary, and timely.

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