My 3rd Rodeo – stream of thoughts

I am working on my 3rd major life-project/startup.

Yes, my passion project, SolarAcademy, is moving forward with some new energy, as it joins paths with new partners, collaborators, and a team, to meet its vision.

I spent parts of this weekend in meditation about our MVP and found myself watching and benefiting from a series of videos. Below is a list of the videos I watched and found relevant to where I am in this space and time.

Found this 3 min segment [6:50 to 9:50’ish] in the below video very relevant because we need to refine our brand, product, and its value proposition. As well as our team’s Belief/Purpose, aka mission, vision, and values. In other words: What is life about for me and my team?

Also found these 2 Udacity videos with Nir Eyal (author of Hooked & Indistractable) about Habit Forming Products very useful.

Habit Forming Products:

I found this second Udacity video – about the morality of manipulation – especially interesting and relevant as I might be about to embark on a project (yet a second time) that might create another viral and possibly habit forming product.

The Morality of Manipulation | Product Design | Udacity:

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