My YouTube Education

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my media consumption has gone up in a noticeable way. Over the past year and a half, while many people spent countless hours binge watching Netflix and Hulu shows, I have found myself watching YouTube more often than any other medium.

I am quite impressed by the quantity and quality of generally useful, deeply educational, thought-provoking, and entertaining content on YouTube, so much so, that I even curated a “Solar Entrepreneurship” course on with 100% existing free content on YouTube.

Here are some of my own YouTube teachers:

  • Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett (Investing)
  • Yuval Harari (Philosophy, Life, Technology)
  • Peter Thiel (Tech & Startups & Investing)
  • Ray Dalio (Finance & World Politics & Life Philosophy)
  • Naval Ravikant (Startups & Life & Philosophy)
  • Daniel Schmachtenberger (Life & Philosophy & Civilization Design)
  • Eric Weinstein (Economy, Investing, Science, Tech, Investing)
  • Reid Hoffman (Tech Startups)
  • Chamath Palihapitiya (Tech Startups, Investing, Finance)
  • Fabrice Grinda (Tech Startups & Marketplaces & Investing)
  • Jordan Peterson (Psychology & Philosophy)
  • Russell Brand (Comedy, life, philosophy)
  • JP Sears (Satirical comedy, life, philosophy)
  • Esther Perel (Relationships)

While it is nice to see so much YouTube content from so many tech & finance industry leaders, my heart wishes to see similar quantity and quality of content about sustainable living from the leaders of emergent fields of alternative health, education, and energy.

I have no doubt this will happen. And, I think it will happen fast.

As this is happening, I believe we will also see an emergence of education focused services and businesses organized around curating content and directing students to relevant content.

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