Things will never be the same

I humbly predict the following changes in human behavior in the post-Corona world. It will be interesting to look back at this post in a few years.

  1. People will realize that slowing down is actually not so bad. We will realize that a slower life style with less commuting, less consumption, less travel, and more connection with close ones might mean less contribution to GDP, but more to our collective happiness.
  2. There will be a huge surge in the ways we connect with each other over tech platforms that enable video communication. AR/VR might follow soon after that.
  3. This means our 200-year old education system will change quite a bit. Major universities building fancy campuses with expensive buildings and conference rooms might go out of fashion pretty fast and instead unique, efficient, and online forms of teaching might take the stage. The content of these forms of teaching could also be widely shared with the entire world population free of charge equalizing the playing ground for all world citizens. This does not mean teachers will not be needed. We might need even more teachers, counselors, and advisors to help guide students in various paths of education and learning.
  4. The wealthy class might realize that they are not really separate from the rest of the population, no matter how much they separate themselves with their large mansions, gated communities, private planes, and large chunks of land in remote areas.
  5. Universal health care and universal basic income might become a thing in the US after many years of debate.
  6. The borders between countries will become more permeable. They will initially retreat inwards. But soon after that they will realize all nations depend on other nations, so they will become more united in the ways they create and execute policies. Travel between countries will be easier for the average world citizen.
  7. As video communication soars, the lines of privacy around proprietary information between companies will become more permeable. Workers will start recording and publishing video communication and we will be swimming in a sea of data.
  8. The real value-add of humans will be their service oriented time and their creativity around how to organize rapid learning and rapid creative solutions. Since being creative is more fun then worrying about protecting various know-how and IP, most people will focus on creating and getting paid a fair wage rather than monopolizing data for profit’s sake and building wealth for wealth’s sake.
  9. There might be a surge in living in nature outside of major metro areas. Eco-living 1-2 hours outside of major cities with contingency systems like independent power (solar + batteries) and vegetable gardens, yet still connected to the world via the electric grid and fast internet, might be the new happy medium to balance rapid technological advances with the health that nature provides.

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